Exclusive Bridal Hair and Make-up Design on the Costa del Sol, Spain
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Wedding Hair and Makeup Prices
Bride/Bridesmaid Trial Hair & Makeup
Trial Hair - €65
Trial Makeup - €65
Trial Hair & Makeup - €120
Bride/Bridesmaid Wedding Day Hair & Makeup
Wedding Day Hair - €65
Wedding Day Makeup - €65
Wedding Day Hair & Makeup - €120
Flower Girl under 10 years old - €15
Flower Girl 10-14 years old  - €35
Flower Girl 14-16 years old  - €50
Mother of the Bride/Groom & Guest Hairstyling
Very Short Hair Blow Dry - €25
Short Hair Blow Dry - €30
Short to Medium Hair Blow Dry - €35
Medium to Long Hair Blow Dry - €40
Long Hair Blow Dry - curling included - €45
Hair Up Style - Prep included - €60
Mother of the Bride/Groom & Guest Makeup -
Makeup Application - €60
Waterproof base application only - €35
Waterproof base application Men only: Forehead, Cheeks and Eyes - €20
Tattoo Concealment- €35
Eye makeup application only - €25
Wedding Day Extras
Express Eyebrow tidy- € 6
Strip Lash Extensions- €15
Individual Lash Extensions- outer lashes - €15
Individual Lash Extensions- almost full set - €20
Individual Lash Extensions- full set - €25
Princess Polish - €10.00
Princess File & Polish €15.00 20 mins.
Reshape and OPI colour of your choice for your hands or feet.
Princess Manicure €20.00 30 mins.
Nail care, nail bath, cuticle care, hand massage, and polish
Princess French Manicure €25.00 30 mins.
Nail care, nail bath, cuticle care, hand massage, and French Polish
Princess Pedicure €30.00 30 mins.
Foot spa bath, nail care, heel, nail and cuticle care, foot massage, and polish.
Princess French Pedicure €35.00 30 mins.
Foot spa bath, nail care, heel, nail and cuticle care, foot massage, and French Polish.
Gel or Acrylic Nail Extensions €45.00 60 mins.
For those who want an immediate length to their nails without the need to wait for nail growth.
As your nail grows this simply grows with it. After your honeymoon, this can be easily removed or maintained by having the space at the cuticles filled in.
Full advice is given on maintenance and removal.
A colour polish can last up to 4 weeks.
Natural Acrylic/Gel Overlays €30.00 45 mins.
Gel is applied over your own nail giving a flexible protective coating. Adding strength to weak nails, this allows them to grow long and strong. This is also beneficial for long nails that tear, break and peel easily or often.
Permanent French Manicure €35.00 45 mins.
A white gel applied to the nail tip along with a natural colour applied to the nail plate gives you an ultra-long lasting, perfectly applied fresh looking French Manicure. Looks beautiful on toe nails too!
OPI GelColour - €35.00 45 mins.
Available in a range of fashionable colours
Removal €10.00 20 mins.
High Gloss/Protective Gel Topcoat €10.00 10mins.
For a high shine finish for your gel or acrylic nails that lasts for weeks! Protects all gel and acrylic nails against water, acetone, oil and household chemicals.
Nail Crystals €1.00 per nail
Add a touch of sparkle to your nails. Placed in a design of your choice, over your choice of nail colour, the nail crystals are sealed with a protective coating to ensure they last until you remove your nail colour.
Eye Treatments
Eyebrow Wax & Shape €10.00

Tinting & Bleaching
Eyelash Tint €14.00
Eyebrow Tint €10.00
Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint € 20.00
Eyebrow Tint and Shape € 18.00
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions Full set €25.00 15 mins
Outer edges only €15.00 5-10mins
Perfect for a special occasion. Looks simply amazing, with or without make up and lasts up to 4-7 days. Available in Black only and in 4 lengths.
Spray Tanning Treatment
Full Body Spray Tanning Treatment €30.00 30-45 mins.
For a natural flawless looking tan that is immediately noticeable and continues to process for up to 5 hours.
Evolution: Achieve a natural flawless looking tan in just 2 hours. To achieve a darker colour simply leave for longer. €35.00 30-45 mins
Full Body Spray Tanning Treatment Offer - 5 people or more  - €25.00
Achieve a natural flawless looking tan in just 2 hours. To achieve a darker colour, simply leave on for longer. €35.00
Evolution Offer: €30.00

Clothes can be worn after 20 minutes. Full advice can be emailed upon request and is given prior to treatment.
Holistic Massage Treatments
For all body massage treatments, please be sure to shower beforehand, be undressed under your robe, and ready 10 minutes before your treatment is ready to commence.
Indian Head Massage €40.00 20 mins.
Pressure point, stimulating and relaxing massage techniques to the scalp. A wonderful treatment for alleviating tension headaches, and tension in the neck and shoulders caused by stress.
Indian Head Massage Taster €20.00 10 mins.
If 20 minutes seems too long or would just like to this a try, then experience a shortened version of the full treatment.
Swedish Massage
The power of touch has a profound affect on us all. A skill used for thousands of years, massage is a means of restoring your sense of emotional and mental balance. Swedish massage is the most popular of massages offered around the world today. Used in conjunction with warm massage oil, it consists of specific technical movements applied to the body at a pressure suitable for you. It will warm, soothe, and relax muscles simultaneously, relieving tension and discomfort, while improving mobility and reuniting you with your sense of well-being.
Leg Massage €25.00 15mins.
Great for tight calf muscles. Includes feet.
Back Massage €35.00 20 mins.
A relaxing massage. Also good for tension in the neck & shoulders.
Half Hour Swedish Massage €40.00 30 mins.
To the back, back of the legs, thighs and feet.
Full Body Swedish Massage €60.00 60 mins.
To the arms, stomach, chest, shoulders, neck, thighs, legs and feet front and back.
Aromatherapy Massage
100% pure essential oils are used for their ability in treating the mind, body and spirit through our sense of smell. Combined with our sense of touch, the specifically designed techniques of aromatherapy massage ensure that your skin and muscles are warmed, and circulation and lymph drainage are stimulated whilst deepening your sense of balance and tranquillity. Mixed with a base oil, this blend is warmed and massaged at a desired pressure level slowly releasing notes of aroma to treat almost any concern. Choose from our range of essential oils to suit your mood and meet your needs. This treatment is the perfect prelude to your wedding day.
Leg Massage €30.00 15mins.
Ideal for cellulite, great for runners and hikers. Includes feet.
Back Massage €40.00 20 mins.
A beautiful massage for total relaxation.
Half Hour Aromatherapy Massage €50.00 30 mins.
Full Body Aromatherapy Massage €75.00 60 mins.
Top to Toe Aromatherapy Massage €95.00 90 mins.

This is a truly indulgent treatment to the back, neck, shoulders, face, scalp, arms, chest, stomach, thighs, legs and feet. A one and a half hour aromatherapy massage is the perfect amount of time to experience the best massage ever
“Smooth as Prince Charming” Waxing Treatments
Our waxing methods are fast for reduced pain and effective for longer lasting results. Hairs grow back finer, and effects can last for up to 6 weeks.
For effective removal, hair length must be no less than an eighth of an inch.
Upper Lip €10.00
Chin €10.00
Sides of face €10.00

Underarm €15.00
1/2 Arm €20.00
Full Arm €25.00
Nipples €15.00
Bikini €18.00
Brazilian €35.00
Hollywood €45.00
Stomach €15.00
½ Leg €25.00
Ύ Leg €30.00
Full Leg €35.00
Full Leg & Bikini €45.00

..And for your Guests
Pamper Parties Feel free to invite your family, bridesmaids, and friends to share and take part in your indulgence and benefit from our treatments.