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Comments 2013

Bride: Emma is from Ireland
Wedding Date: 1st April 2013

Comment: Lorraine is absolutely wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble and everyone felt like the bride with her personal touch. X

Bridesmaid wrote: Truly amazing. Thank you xx

Groom's family
Wedding Date: 19th May 2013

Martina's Comment: Lorraine and her assistant were fabulous. Making us feel so special. Thanks so much xx

Clodagh's Comment: Lorraine,
You have been absolutely stars. Thank you for making our day remarkable and is all feel special.
We will always be very grateful.
Thanks again. Clodagh xxx

Ciara, Dublin, Ireland
Lorraine, an amazing job on both makeup and hair. Not only super talented but friendly, nice and a great service.
Thanks for everything. Xoxo

Bride: Pamela is from Dublin, Ireland
Wedding Date: 24th May 2013

Bridesmaid: Nicky
What can I say? The most stunning hair and makeup. We all look beautiful. Thanks to you. Really enjoyed chatting to you. You made it a wonderful experience for Pam and all of us girls.
Thanks again
Love Nicky xx

Bridesmaid: Jackie
Lorraine, thank you so, so much - thanks to you we look beautiful......not an easy fete!! Thanks again & will be sure to book you if I ever get married!! (Don't hold your breath......)

Thanks again

Bridesmaid: Laurie
Thank you so much for making Pam's day so special and for working your magic on us!!! We feel like princesses....thank you so much

Bridesmaid: Kate

Thank you so much Lorraine!
Love my Hair & Makeup!!! : )
Love Kate

Bridesmaid: Maria
Thank you so much ladies, I am absolutely delighted, couldn't have asked for anything else.
Love to you both

Bride: Rachel is from England
Wedding Date: Friday 31st May 2013

Comment: awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you Lorraine X

Bridesmaid: Julia
Amazing Hair - making Rachel's day so special. Mwah xxx

Bride: Susie is from England
Wedding Date: Saturday 1st June 2013

Comment: Thank you so much for making me look and feel a million dollars!
You truly are a miracle worker
Lots of love,

Thank you so much for the wonderful makeup and hair! It was so effortlessly done.
Thanks again. Claire xxx

Thanks for making us all look so fabulous, and making the preparations so care-free!

Bride: Sandra is from England
Wedding Date: Friday 7th June 2013

Comment: thank you soooo much Lorraine! You made me feel like a Princess!!!

Bride: Katrina is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Friday 14th June 2013

Comment: Thank you so much for your amazing work - you are a true professional and made us so relaxed
Lots of love

Bride: Sandra is from England
Wedding Date: Thursday 27th June 2013

Comment: Thank you. I love my hair and makeup. All the bridesmaids' hair look amazing. Lots of love
Sandra xxx

Bride: Ruth is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Sunday 30th June 2013

Comment: so relaxed and enjoyable. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. So beautifully done. Feel wonderful. Regards Ruth, Laura, Anne & Olive.

Bride: Elaine is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Thursday 4th July 2013

Comment: fantastic. Such a great person. I am a by happy bride. : )

Bridesmaid: Marie
Just fab, fab, fab.

Bridesmaid: Martina
Great work. Very nice.

Bridesmaid: Sarah
Just fab work. Looks great.

Bride: Noelle is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Friday 5th July 2013

Comment: Lorraine worked some serious magic on my special day! I couldn't be happier.
Job well done: Noelle! X

Bride: Jemma is from England
Wedding Date: Friday 12th July 2013

Comment: Lorraine you have been amazing, from the hen when you took pity on me in my seriously stressed state, to today where it's been a bit more relaxed!
Don't forget Claire and her Whitney and look out for Charlene on a television near you soon!
Thank you for going above and beyond.
Hopefully see you around soon
Lots of love

Bride: Sandra is from England
Wedding Date: Friday 7th June 2013

Comment: Thanks so much Lorraine for making me feel like a Princess! Absolutely delighted, you're so talented and a lovely person xx

Bride: Anne Maire is from England
Wedding Date: Friday 7th June 2013

Comment: To Lorraine, Thanks for making me look fab today. You made all of the girls feel so comfortable
Anne Marie xxx

Thanks for an amazing job and working miracle. Truly a fun relaxing day.

Bride: Sarah Jane is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Friday 7th June 2013

Comment: Thank you for an amazing day
Sarah Jane xxx

Bride: Melanie is from Birmingham, England
Wedding Date: Thursday 1st August 2013

Comment: Fantastic in every way! : )

Bride: Janine is from Cardiff, Wales
Wedding Date: Wednesday 7th August 2013

Comment: Absolutely a pleasure! Feel like aSuperstar! From makeup to Hollywood Glamour hair, thank you!
You're amazing <3

Bride: Fiona is from place
Wedding Date: Saturday 24th August 2013

Comment: Thank you Lorraine. An amazing transformation for us all. You have helped so much to keep us calm as well as make us beautiful
Thank u so much

Bride: Su is from England
Wedding Date: Wednesday 28th August 2013

Comment: Lorraine did such a fab job in a very chaotic environment and made changes at last minute to accommodate, everyone. Kept us all calm! Highly recommended
Thank you

Bride: Sarah is from England
Wedding Date: Friday 7th June 2013

Comment: Thank you so much for making me look so beautiful and lady like.

Bride: Grainne is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Thursday 12th September 2013

Comment: Thanks for a fantastic service. I feel amazing and your lovely personality was great craic and so relaxing.
Thanks again. Best wishes for the future.
G x

Bride: Name is from place
Wedding Date: Sunday 15th September 2013

Comment: Preparation is the best part .....and you helped to make sure it was perfect. Makeup was stunning - could not be happier!
Hair was exactly as I hoped! Thank you fr being part of my perfect day : ) C xx

Bride: Anne is from place
Wedding Date: Friday 27th September 2013

Comment: Lorraine, thank you so much. You did an amazing job on both hair & makeup for me and the girls.

Bridesmaid: Paula
Thank you so much for a stress free morning. Hair & makeup are amazing.

Bridesmaid: Orla
Thank you for a fantastic morning. Hair & Makeup are fab. Thanks again

Bride: Kellie is from Detroit, USA
Wedding Date: Saturday 28th September 2013

Comment: Awesome job! Loved working with you. My whole bridal party looks amazing and I feel like a million bucks : )

Bride: Olivia is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Saturday 5th October 2013

Comment: Thank you so much for getting us all ready for my big day. I couldn't have been happier with the result xxxxx

Bride: Gemma is from England
Wedding Date: Sunday 6th October 2013

What can I say? You made the morning of my wedding so much fun & stress free - I was over the moon with my transformation. I can't thank you enough! Lots of love xxx

Bride: Hui-Li is from Hong Kong
Wedding Date: Tuesday 8th October 2013

Comment: Dear Lorraine,
Thank you so much for everything! We all look beautiful! Thanks xxx

Bridesmaid: Lavinia is from London
Fantastic calming atmosphere provided by you Lorraine! Love my hair! Thank you!
Bridesmaid: Lucinda
Thanks Lorraine. You made us look great!

Bridesmaid: Harshi
X Beautiful. Thank you

Bride: Georgina is from Ireland
Wedding Date: Friday 11th October 2013

Comment: what a laugh!!! Loved every minute. Thank you so much Lorraine!
We are all fabulous!! Xx

Emailed thank you's 2013

Bride: Emma Cairns
Wedding Date: 1st April 2013
Letter received: 5th April 2013

Hi Lorraine,
Thank you, and thanks again for such a fantastic job. Everyone felt gorgeous!
lots of love,

Bride: Lavina Lapidus
Wedding Date: 4th May 2013
Letter received: 14th May 2013

Hi Lorraine

Sorry I have not been in contact sooner but I have only just got back from our honeymoon in Spain. We spent a few days once the family had left and it was great to relax in the sun. My feet decided to blow up like a puffa fish so I was walking around with big feet. Luckily that didn't happen on the wedding day otherwise my wedding shoes would have been useless.

We had an absolute fantastic wedding, everything was perfect and it was so magical. Thank you so much for my wonderful makeup and hair. I had so many compliments and it was so natural and lovely. My hair stayed in place all day and night and even through my crazy dancing I did and I was the last man standing. Simon had to drag me to bed at 3.30am!

Thank you also for doing Sara, Nicole and Nadine's hair at such short notice. They also had so many comments about how lovely their hair looked together with all the other ladies you did.

It was great to have met you Lorraine, I had such fun with you. If I ever decide to come to Spain to live (which is a possibility) I will definitely get in touch.

I hope you have a great summer and enjoy your wonderful walks with your doggies and husband.

Lots of love

Lavinia xx

Guest: Clodagh Keville
Wedding Date: 19th May
Letter received: 21st May 2014

Hi Lorraine
Thank you for your lovely email we all are so grateful to you and your assistant Bee for all your hard work and detail to attention yesterday. The day was fab and we all felt gr8 thanks to you both.
I'm sorry to see our emails come to an end.
I wish you continued success and happiness
Thanks again
Clodagh xxxo

Bride: Lanya
Wedding Date: 20th May 2013
Letter received: 24th May 2013

Hello lorraine,

It is Lanya again, I just wanted to thank you again for all the efforts you did on my make up and hair. I loved every detail about it. Thank you and it was an honour knowing you. I have searched facebook for your page but there is a lot of pages. I couldn't recognise which one is yours, can you please send it for me, so that I can support you.

Thanks again .

Bride: Katrina Coogan
Wedding Date: 14th June 2013
Letter received: 9th June 2013



Bride: Pamela Duffy
Wedding Date: 24th May 2013
Letter received: 10th June 2013

Hi Lorraine,

Hope you are well? We got back from our honeymoon late last weekend so only getting back to normality now :(
We had the most amazing few days and the day itself was incredible and exceeded both our expectations in every way!

I juts wanted to say a huge thank you for doing all hair and makeup for us all- the bridesmaids hairs were sooo beautiful and I loved my own hair and make up too- the girls are still talking about how lovely you were and with the music and all..had us all set in the mood for the big day ahead!- aww wish I could do it all again!!

Thanks again Lorraine, once I get the pics back from Kris Ill be sure to send you some!!


Bride: Melanie Foley
Wedding Date: 30th May 2013
Letter received: 23rd June 2013

Hi Lorraine,
Sorry for the delay getting back to you! We only arrived home last night...

We had an amazing day and you played a huge part in it! Apart from the amazing job you did on all of us, you also fed me chips and gave me some tips for posing for the photographer.....
so thank you.

I wish I could do it all over again, its true that it fly's by!
I'm already a liker of your page, and so are my pals, but I'll share it again!
I'm also (if its ok with you) going to give your details to Mari Carmen in the Fuerte Miramar.
They're currently trying to promote the wedding side of things with a new website etc., so I told her I'd
give her the details of everyone we used on the day.
It'll help her get more weddings if she has information and contacts in every area needed for weddings.
She can build a portfolio that she can give prospective clients...

Your work is amazing and I still have the fake thumb nail you put on me!
It hasn't budged..!

Anyhow, once again thanks for everything.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Mel xx

Bride: Sandra Jasuikaityte
Wedding Date: 9th June 2013
Letter received: 25th June 2013

Hello Lorraine,

Myself and mums wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for making our day even more special :** I felt like a princess and both mums looked like the queens.

Kindest regards,

Bride: Sarah Jane Hickey
Wedding Date: 25th July 2013
Letter received: 26th July 2013

Hi Lorraine
Thank you so much for everything yesterday you were amazing and we had a great time with yourself despite the odd slap.
Can I please ask that you would take down your picture from Facebook just until 4th August after our reception as I don't want anybody to see the dress etc until after our reception. Sorry I forgot to tell you yesterday but you were too busy beating me up. Ha ha!
Thank you so much yourself and your assistant Bee were amazing and made us feel so relaxed all day.
Sj xxx

Bride: Ruth Tully
Wedding Date: 30th June 2013
Letter received: 7th August 2013

Hi Lorraine,

Hope your keeping well?
Just want to thank you for everything you did for everyone the day of the Wedding.
We had a great day after the big rush before I left:)
My make up looked great and stayed on throughout the day:)
Would recommend you to my friends.

Bride: Polly Robinson
Wedding Date: 2nd August 2013
Letter received: 12th August 2013

Hi Lorraine,

I hope that you are well and all good Hun!!

I just wanted to say a huge, massive thank you to you for everything that you did for me and my girlies on our wedding day!! You were truly fantastic and amazing and you worked absolute wonders, and I was absolutely made up with my brides transformation and you made me very happy!!;))

I'm sorry it was so hectic and rushed, and mayhem on the day! You worked so hard and I was amazed by how fantastic you were! I'm also sorry I was so stressed, the nerves/emotions really got the better of me eeeek! You really helped me though to try and keep calm and relax and enjoy myself...which to me was going the extra mile, and I really appreciate your kind words, and for looking after me too :))!!

I am now back in UK,and trying to come back down to earth...we had an amazing day but it was just a shame that it went so quickly..I want to do it all again!!

When I get a chance when everything's calmed down I will write some feedback/testimonials for you and I would recommend you to anyone...you are an absolute star...and I really can't thank you enough for all your hard work,help, and for just being you!!

Many thanks and take care!!

Polly xx

Bride: Georgina Farr
Trial Date: 16th August 2013
Letter received: 17th August 2013

Hi Lorraine,
It was really lovely to meet you yesterday and Im glad to say that the make up was still perfect when we came home at 2am this morning.
Enjoy the sun....

Bride: Mairead Hayden
Wedding Date: 5th August 2013
Letter received: 4th September 2013

Hi Lorraine,

I'm finally back to reality and back in work following our fantastic wedding and honeymoon!!

I can't even remember if I thanked you properly on the day of the wedding as we all rushed out of the hotel room together……so I just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job that you did on the day of my wedding on the 5th of August - you were an absolute pleasure to work with and we were all delighted with the results (my niece was so excited to tell all her friends back in Australia that she had her make-up and hair done professionally!!)
I was so thrilled with my own make-up and hair. As a person who never never wears make-up, the fact that I didn't feel as if I had anything on my skin was fantastic and it looked as wonderful when I walked out of the hotel room that afternoon as it did when I finally made it back in the door at 5.30am the following morning!!!!! It all photographed beautifully and I doubt if I have ever looked as well - entirely down to your hard work!!
But above all you were such a calming person to be around on the day and a joy to be in the company of. I wish you every success in the future as you deserve it. I would recommend you in a heartbeat!!

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Wedding Planner: Carla Mazzeo
Wedding Date: 28th September 2013
Letter received: 30th September 2013

Hi Lorraine,
I hope you are well.
I want to thank you as usual for doing Kellie and her family/friends´s make up and hair.

As usual it is a pleasure working with you.

I hope to see you soon,
Carla xx

Bride: Grainne
Wedding Date: 12th September 2013
Letter received: 9th October 2013

Hi Lorraine

Finally have a chance to email, work has been busy since I got back. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fabulous hair and makeup, I felt absolutely stunning and was still looking good into the wee hours of the morning even after dancing my socks off J Myself and Annemarie thoroughly enjoyed getting ready with you and it was a lovely relaxing morning with some good auld gossiping.

I wish you all the best in the future.

Kind regards

Bride: Georgina Farr
Wedding Date: 11th October 2013
Letter received: 21st October 2013

Hi Lorraine,

We had the best day ever!! And my make up stayed perfect for the entire day and night!!

We had such fun with you too on the morning!!

I'll send on some more pics to you soon xxx


Bride: Arielle Campbell
Wedding Date:
Letter received: 31st October 2013

Thank you so much Lorraine!!
I am glad that things worked out and we were able to have you be a part of our big day!!!

I hope you have a good "winter" and will always recommend you when I can.

Thank you so much, again. You were a pleasure to be around
Take care,

Bride: Sanna Shaheen
Wedding Date: 12th October 2013
Letter received: 31st October 2013

Hi Lorraine,

It's back to cold Denmark for us after an amazing honeymoon. Before I get too stuck in real life I wanted to say a big big thank you!

You were great on the day and made me feel the most beautiful I've ever felt! The photos really show how great of a job you did :) and then it's a bonus that you are so lovely to have around.
So again a big thank you! You helped make it the most memorable day.


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